Status:                           completed

Contactpersoon:           Harry van Ewijk 


What is IVAM LCA Data 4?

The IVAM database is a database for environmental life cycle assessment (LCA). It consists of about 1350 processes, leading to more than 350 materials. The data can be used for LCA applications in various sectors.

What are special features of IVAM LCA Data 4?

  • Many intermediate materials have been added. Amongst construction materials, plastics, metals and others, especially processes from agriculture (e.g. milk, fish, chicken, beef, pork, feed, fertiliser and pesticide), electrical industries (e.g. PV-panels) and waste treatment (23 waste types with about six processing alternatives each) are included;
  • IVAM LCA Data 3 was the first complete data set with the influence of land use on biodiversity and life support included in all processes. The update conducted by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO Industrial Technology) has been incorporated into IVAM LCA Data 4, including impact methods with characterisation and normalisation scores for land use;
  • Data Quality Indicators are included in all process sheets;
  • Switches make it easy to change at one go between e.g. ETH and Dutch energy systems, respectively including and excluding capital goods, for the whole database. Sensibility can be determined for transport processes in a similar way. With one switch also incineration processes can be calculated with or without substitution of generated energy;
  • Material production is split into individual process sub-steps as far as possible;
  • Many production processes have been updated, based on comments of the industry, database users and new LCA studies;
  • The nomenclature of IVAM LCA Data 4 is adapted to SimaPro's Standard database. This makes it easy to use processes from IVAM LCA Data 4, the Standard PRé database and the Swiss Ecoinvent database in your projects.


The database IVAM LCA Data 4 has not been updated in recent years, and can no longer be ordered.